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Brown Rot Fungus Treatment Irving TX.

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What causes Brown Rot Disease to appear? Brown Rot Disease is the most severe and widespread disease that strikes stone fruit trees in America. This deadly disease is prevalent in Irving. It affects fruit trees that have a pit center, such as cherries, plums or nectarines. The aggressive fungus responsible for brown rot is a rapid-growing disease that affects dried-up fruit left on trees or laying on the ground.

When the first blossom buds appear, brown rot disease begins to show up on the flowers. This continues throughout the flower’s lifetime. This dangerous fungus quickly spreads from the flowers to the fruit tree stems, causes open stem wounds, and eventually leads to the death of all new stem growth. Irving arborists and tree companies are well-informed and knowledgeable about brown rot fungal illness. It thrives in all temperatures. If left untreated brown rot will cause the death of one tree and spread to other trees.

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Brown Rot Tree Disease: Examination

Before planting stone fruit trees, it is best to choose disease-resistant varieties. Irving, Tx has many varieties of stone fruit trees that are resistant to brown rot, such as cherries, plums or cherries. A certified arborist in Irving will be able to confirm if you have brown rot disease symptoms. A clear sign of aggressive disease is the presence of brown spots on mature fruit that are fully developed. An experienced plant pathologist might also run diagnostic tests on older, dried-up fruit in order to detect conidia (spores caused by various fungal species). Do not hesitate to contact a Irving arbor professional if you suspect that brown rot fungus has infested your fruit tree.

Irving, TX - The Process of Treating Brown Rot Disease

A certified arborist will create a treatment and maintenance plan specifically for your situation. Irving’s tree service professionals are experienced and can help you avoid spreading the dreaded fungal disease. It is possible to prevent the spread of the fungus by removing old fruit and leaves from the ground. All brown rot fungus affected branches and stems must be removed and trimmed. Deep root fertilization and regular watering will help reduce water content on the flowers and increase the fruit tree’s resistance. There may be a need for chemical treatments such as sprays, sealants and powders. The Irving arbor care professional can help you decide which ones are needed, set up a maintenance and treatment program, and offer a one-year warranty. Trust your tree’s maintenance to an experienced, certified tree care professional and protect your investment.


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